Can you help me?Detroit Dog Rescue needs more foster homes

Detroit – Detroit Canine Rescue, a no-kill sanctuary Detroit City,need your help.

But what they need is not money or donations. This is home because there is no room for all the dogs they take in and the cost of living is the culprit.

The newest residents in Detroit Dog Rescue It’s a bulldog tethered to a fence overnight; seen in the video above is a pet someone can’t afford.

The executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue said she saw it.

“I have a hunch that this is going to happen,” said executive director Kristina Millman-Rinaldi. “In the past few weeks, with the trend of gas prices, I think groceries are up 15% or more, and I expect it to increase to 30% by the fall. We’re seeing a lot of dogs tied to our doors, tied up on the fence.”


Their shelters are filled with dogs that families can no longer afford, many of them pit bulls.

But now they need help. They need foster families because they expect more dogs.

“We really really need some help,” Millman-Rinaldi said. “We’re a no-kill sanctuary, but a big question in Detroit is, ‘What happens when you run out of space?'”

Millman-Rinaldi said she understands the stigma surrounding pit bulls, but said the dogs are screened before going to foster homes.

“You’ll never see me take a dog one day and it’s in the house the next day,” Millman-Rinaldi said. “Evaluate each dog’s behavior. If it needs some behavioral changes or resources Protection, we would work with that dog, sometimes for up to a year.”

Parenting won’t cost you a dime, she added.

“We provide medical care, we provide food, we provide supplies,” Millman-Rinaldi said. “You just have to offer them a home, love, and maybe a place on the couch.”

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