Callisto Protocol Dev Says ‘Damn Typo’ Caused PC Frame Rate Issues

The Callisto Protocol suffers from stuttering framerates in release builds of . “/>

enlarge / Artist’s vision for PC players suffers from stuttering framerates in release builds Callisto Protocol.

In the comments of Ars Callisto Protocol Last week, our reviewer praised the 60 fps graphics of the game’s performance mode on the tested PlayStation 5 version. Since the game’s release, though, online forums like Reddit and the game’s Steam reviews have received widespread complaints of choppy frame rates and other poor performance on the PC version.

Developer at Striking Distance Studios Acknowledging the stuttering problem of “some” PC users Friday afternoon.Later that night, the team PC patch released “Improves game stuttering issues due to shader compilation.” Testing on an Ars gaming rig (currently powered by an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti) has shown the patch to be successful, with the latest version of the game able to achieve over 60 frames per second Smooth framerates, even on “Ultra” graphics settings.

“Responsible and Accountable”

Glen Schofield, founder and CEO of Striking Distance, in a post on his personal Twitter account Attributed to those widespread stuttering problems The wrong file was patched for the release version of the game, which was “a horrible mistake someone made in a hurry”.exist a single tweetwho dubbed the problem a “damn clerical error.”

“I’ll figure out what’s going on [stuttering] Happened, but now my focus is fixed [it]schofield Tweeted Sunday night. “All of our energy is on this. In the end I’m responsible and accountable.”

Unlike the widely reported PC issues, Sunday afternoon the game’s official Twitter account Announce The new patch “applies to all consoles and should fix the framerate and crash issues some of you have reported.” However, the ray-traced reflection issue on Xbox Series X remains, and the developer promises it will be available later this week More information on the issue.

Callisto Protocol is the first release from Striking Distance Studios, a studio originally formed in 2019 to develop games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe.schofield helped create blind spot Making a big-budget game in just a few years is a major challenge for a new team, says the Electronic Arts franchise.

“We stress-test everything, but man, it’s complicated code,” said Schofield tweets“We even had to build the publishing team, so we’ve been busy for 3.5 years. Let me know [sic]”

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