Burn Inner Thigh Fat Fast With a 10-Minute Floor Workout – Eat This Not That, Trainers Say

“Thigh gap.” As a trainer, I hear this term often when clients share their target areas. They actually refer to the muscles that run along the inner thigh, or their adductors. While sculpting and defining these muscles is great for aesthetic purposes, it also stabilizes your pelvis, strengthens your core, and prevents knee injuries from a functional standpoint. There are a variety of exercises that light up these muscles, but the most effective ones are simply lying on the floor. So, we’ve rounded up the best 10-minute floor exercises to help burn inner thigh fat fast. Read on to learn more, and next, don’t miss the 6 best exercises to build strong and toned arms in 2022, say trainers.

Jacqui Smith

To prepare for this exercise, lie on your right side, bend your right elbow, and place it under your shoulder. Your arms should be parallel to the front of the mat. Make sure to relax your shoulders and activate the right side of your body by pushing out of the mat. Then, bend your left knee and place your left foot on the floor next to your right knee. Finally, extend your right leg toward the right corner of the mat and bend your foot. Keep a slight bend in that leg so you don’t lock your joints.

Get ready to burn inner thigh fat fast with this 10-minute series. It makes your legs tremble and your body gets soaked in satisfying sweat.

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woman butterfly stretching

Leg raises (10 reps)

Make sure to start from the starting position above. Start using the adductors by lifting the leg as high as possible. Hold for a second at the top to further develop the muscle, then slowly lower the leg to about an inch above the mat. Continue to raise and lower.

Leg Pulse (10x)

Keeping the leg at its highest height (at least a 45-degree angle), swing the leg up and down. These pulses should be very small.

Leg Bends and Presses (10x)

Again, keeping the leg at the highest point, begin to bend the knee about 2 inches, then straighten it again. You’ll start to really feel your inner thighs burning.

Leg rotation (10x)

With your leg still up, turn your foot toward the ceiling, then turn it toward the front of the room. You are actually rotating your hips and feet at the same time.

Repeat each exercise again.

Leg folder (10x final hold)

To actually burn this leg, extend your left arm to the sky and point it to your toes. As you lift your leg to the highest point, reach your left hand to your right ankle, engage your core and tap your ankle. Lower your legs and bring your hands back up. Continue 9 more times, then hold the last one on top for 4 seconds.

Repeat the series on the left side, making sure to open up those inner thighs with a butterfly stretch afterwards! Remember: Daily exercise combined with a healthy diet is the ultimate way to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Woman doing mountaineering exercise as part of weight loss workout
Mature woman doing dumbbell lateral raises, body sculpting exercise

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Jacqui Smith

Jacquie Smith is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Wellness Instructor from the IIN and a fitness instructor specializing in ballet, yoga and prenatal/postnatal exercise.read more

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