Bradley Cooper Transformed in Leonard Bernstein Biopic In The Works for Netflix

Bradley Cooper (A star is bornAnd the American sniper) is currently on Netflix a movie dedicated to one of his most famous compatriots, the American composer, conductor and teacher Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) to whom we owe music West side story. Cooper is not only the main actor in this biopic bandleader, artist But he’s also the director, encouraged by the huge success he’s achieved A star is born (2018) which he directed. British actress Carey Mulligan (drive, educationShe will portray Bernstein’s wife, Felicia Montenegri.

The film will be shown on Netflix in 2023. The streaming platform revealed the first images on Monday, May 30, via social networks. Two tweets circulated across the web, five photos, three in black and white of Cooper in young Bernstein’s clothes, and two in color – most striking – of the actor-turned-aged Bernstein, were posted on Twitter, via two different accounts on the platform, one on the global Netflix account. .

At the same time, another tweet, posted on the Netflix Films account, revealed a third black and white photo of this teaser mini-album.

What the pictures posted on Monday reveal is first and foremost an amazing makeup job, especially for the viewer with Leonard Bernstein in his mature years. The composer, a rotten smoker, died at the age of 72. Filming began in May. Initially, it was Steven Spielberg, author of the critically acclaimed remake of West side story It was released at the end of 2021, which was to guarantee the production of the film. The main role was offered to Bradley Cooper, 47 years old. But the latter, who really wanted to start writing and directing the project, was able to convince the director to entrust him also with theatrical acting after it was offered to him A star is bornmentions the site Or not. Spielberg remains at the heart of the project as co-producer with Martin Scorsese and others.

Since childhood, 47-year-old Bradley Cooper has always dreamed of being a leader, and he was captivated in an interview relayed by the site variety (Article in English) At the end of January 2022. He knows by heart certain masterpieces of the great classic repertoire, which will help him interpret Bernstein, enthusiastic, on his commander’s desk, and he is sure. quoted variety, Cooper called up last January: “I’ve wanted to be a conductor since I was a kid. I was obsessed with it, and when I was eight I asked Santa Claus for a conductor wand. Moment piece, like Tchaikovsky’s Opus 35 in D major, violin concerto…I can do it as If only I had known her completely without really being able to speak the language, of course.”

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