Bowser Challenge at Universal Studios – Deadline

3-2-1 off! Universal Studios Hollywood today debuted Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, which will be the iconic ride of its upcoming new immersive Land: Super Nintendo World.

Like its Japanese counterpart, Universal’s first Super Nintendo World in the U.S. will feature Bowser’s Castle, with a dungeon that will house Mario Kart.

According to the press material, the premise is simple, but regardless of the gaming experience, it will be equally challenging for guests of all ages: “As part of Team Mario, guests will travel through the course underwater and in the clouds, competing for the Gold Cup at the same time. Collect coins to beat Team Bowser and win.”

It sounds similar to Japan’s Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, where each kart carries four team members who wear head-mounted augmented reality goggles to race against the other team on a two-track track.

Along the way, there are piranha plants, sewage pipes, and of course Bowser. Other key elements are that the ride is repeatable and has a variety of potential outcomes depending on how each team plays.

The press material calls it “one of the largest and most interactive rides in the world” and claims that Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge ” seamlessly blends augmented reality with projection mapping technology and actual scenes…for the first time.” Unrivaled rides in the theme park industry.” Power-Up Bands will also be part of the park experience and incorporated into Bowser’s Challenge attractions.

Watch the video below for a preview.

Universal Studios announced in March that its first Super Nintendo World in the US will open at Hollywood Park in 2023.Today’s announcement updates the timeline to “early 2023,” which roughly coincides with the newly announced April 7, 2023 date for Universal and Illumination’s upcoming release super mario bros Movie.

The Immersive Land is described as “a visual spectacle of vibrant color and architectural ingenuity within the new expansion of the theme park, with groundbreaking rides and interactive areas.” It is being constructed in the lower part of the park, close to the Transformers Ride . Guests will enter the Super Nintendo World through the iconic Warp Pipe, where they’ll find not only rides, but themed shopping and dining.

Universal Orlando will also get Super Nintendo World.

The sprawling Super Mario video game franchise has reportedly brought in more than $30 billion in gross revenue for Nintendo.

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