Bourget dominates Asfel for the second time and is close to the fifteenth title of the French champion

The rally was still too high for the women’s Asfel, who were defeated at the Prado de Burg on Tuesday night in the second round of the Women’s League final (78-62). Here’s President Tony Parker’s 2-0 side, and while the series will continue alongside Lyon on Saturday, Pierre Vincent’s daughters will have no choice: a fresh defeat that will give the title to Peroire.

The first 20 minutes of this second encounter indicated that the mods the visitors imagined would provide a more balanced game. In a grueling three-point lack of success (0/9 at the break), Marin Yohannes (7 points) stayed and saw her in the match relying on insider Kayla Alexander, who was flawless in the first two quarters (17 points 7 of 7 shooting, 2 blocks) .


Asvel finished the game with a meager 5% success Three points: 1 out of 20!

By finding a more stable defensive base, while liberating offensively (26-16 in the third quarter), Borg then frankly accelerated after the break. While Alexander was completely contained (only two points after the break), Eliana Robert was impressed by her versatility, alternating between three-point shots and shots from medium distance (16 points versus 6 of 14 shots and 7 rebounds).

I walk between the ball losses and the catastrophic title

In contrast, Lyonnais faltered in basketball in attack, and suffered a very clear level difference in rebounding (18 offensive shots vs. 7). This second round didn’t resolve possession management’s concerns (13 assists, 11 losing balls) while the three-point Hunger title didn’t help (1 of 20).

To the applause of the audience that ended the evening on Ola, Olivier Lafarge resolved to meet easily. The European Cup champions took advantage of these first two matches to show that in this final, the two teams involved are not battling on equal footing.


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