BioWare reveals Dreadwolf as next Dragon Age title

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nearly eight years Dragon Age: Inquisition Launching as the latest full game in Bioware’s acclaimed RPG series, it’s been nearly four years since the untitled sequel was first teased at The Game Awards 2018. On Thursday, developer BioWare revealed the official name of the sequel —Dragon Age: Dread Wolf— and confirmed that the game won’t launch until 2023 at the earliest.

In a brief blog post, BioWare confirmed that the new game will focus on the antagonist Solas, the mysterious elf hedge mage in Inquisition. Thoras is also at the heart of the game in 2015 trespasser DLC and featured heavily in the 4-minute Gamescom 2020 Game Behind the Scenes.

In a statement, BioWare described Solas as “whose motives are elusive and his methods are sometimes questionable, which has earned him a reputation as a god of trickery – a player of dark and dangerous games”.The developers also insist that “if you are a newbie Dragon Age, you don’t have to worry that you haven’t met our opponent yet. When the time comes, he will introduce himself appropriately. “

BioWare See the 2018 trailer In writing, say “We suspect you have a question, and they’ll get an answer in a timely manner.” More information on the game will be released later this year, though the game itself won’t be released in 2022.

new trickle Dragon Age In recent years, BioWare has largely ignored franchises in favor of sci-fi epics such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and National anthem. Last year, Bloomberg reported that EA has been pushing online multiplayer for its upcoming sequel, but has Jedi: Fallen Order and the relative failure of multiplayer National anthem.
fear wolf will be the first Dragon Age Released since the departure of BioWare general manager Casey Hudson and franchise executive producer Mark Darrah in late 2020. Bioware Austin studio head Christian Dailey takes over as executive producer from Darrah, who then announced he was leaving a few months ago. The game’s current developers include Game Director Corinne Busche, Production Director Mac Walters and Product Development Director Benoît Houle, all overseen by BioWare General Manager Gary McKay.

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