BioWare announces official title for Dragon Age 4

Wardens, Inquisitors, Warriors, it’s time to get out the mixer.Today, BioWare unexpectedly revealed the name of the next installment Dragon Age series: Dragon Age: Dread Wolf.

The revelation very clearly establishes what has been known for some time.Thoras, one of the companions Dragon Age: Inquisitionwill be the main opponent of the new game.

if you don’t play Dragon Age: Inquisition And don’t know who Solas is or why people like me start reaching for frying pans and spatulas whenever his name is mentioned, let me explain.

spoiler Dragon Age: Inquisitionn follows:

Thoras is one of the least interesting companions Dragon Age: Inquisition – or the least interesting initial. He’s a mage – but not as cool as Dorian the necromancer or Vivian the witch – and an elf, though not as cool as Sera the archer. He’s also a big guy with constant racist attacks on the team’s qunari and fellow dwarves, and if you get tired of him and his passive-aggressive, “holier than you” behavior, the game gives you the option to fist his shit.

Despite his obvious asshole behavior, there is a quiet confidence in him that some players find attractive enough to want a relationship with him. He’s one of the game’s many romantic partners, though he’ll only date you if you’re a female elf. If Solas had a Tinder resume, I’d imagine it would contain something like, “Sorry, it’s just my preference.”

Thoras is a lone wolf (hehe) mage obsessed with restoring the elves to their former glory as rulers of the land of Thedas. This is all well and good until you know exactly how he intends to do it, by amassing enough power to commit a magical war crime of such magnitude that it will kill all sentient species except elves.

Naturally, Dragon Age The fan base doesn’t like that. Thoras, for many players, is an ally, a trusted friend, and even a romantic partner. He then betrayed them and helped them save the world, only to turn around and promise to destroy anyone who didn’t look like him.Thoras has earned the nickname Eggy for his perfectly smooth, white, rounded bald head, and for his sudden, high-profile betrayal, many Dragon Age Fans are making omelets right now.

That’s why revealing Dragon Age: Dread Wolf So exciting for a lot of fans. Dragon Age So far, the games are not direct sequels to each other.They’ve been in different places, with their own tangent stories, and fear wolf seems to provide a more direct follow-up Inquisition. While we may not be able to play our Inquisitor role again, I am happy to know that I will be able to take revenge on her behalf.

BioWare says fear wolf It won’t be released this year, but promises to reveal more about the game in the coming months. I continue to be patient with my egg recipe.

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