Bianca Belair Ranked 1st in Health, 2nd in Fitness at WBFF Bodybuilding Competition

Bianca Belair Ranked 1st in Health, 2nd in Fitness at WBFF Bodybuilding Competition

Bianca Bel Air WWE

Bianca Bel Air WWE

Photo Credit: Bianca Bel Air

bianca bellaire Often referring to herself as the “Strong-EST” on WWE TV, she brings new meaning to the term.

In a tweet on Dec. 4, the WWE RAW Women’s Champion revealed that between her schedule with the company, she’s been training for WBFF Pro Atlantic City Pro Am, which takes place over the weekend. At the time of writing, the results are not yet known.

In a post on Instagram, Belair discussed her journey, describing how she has battled eating disorders in the past. She also noted that she has dealt with mental and physical challenges along the way to compete.

The post is as follows:

I’ve been training for @wbffentertainment Pro Atlantic City Pro Am for the past 10 weeks and all that hard work has to be done on stage this weekend!
I’ll be posting more photos and results throughout the day!
-bikini- made by me

This journey has taught me a lot about myself and how much I’ve grown and evolved from being the little girl in high school and college who was obsessed with being the best she could be but went too far and was constantly overtrained. That little girl who had such an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled with an eating disorder, even as an adult years later, I would get triggered even hearing the word “diet.”
I want to push myself, test myself…see if I can commit without overdoing it, see if I learn to listen to my body, see if I can diet again and maintain self-control without won’t get bogged down. I literally face this fear. I spent these 10 weeks relearning myself and it took me on a journey of self discovery, self love, commitment and devotion to myself. Wargame matches the week before attending live events, TV shows, international travel to Mexico and Saudi Arabia, competing in historic matches like Ladder Matches, Last Woman Standing, and 45 Minute Matches are in my WWE schedule! It’s so hard, but I give it my all…sometimes after my games and shows, I’m in the gym late at night and often travel with prepped meals to stick to my diet…but no less Physically challenging, but even more so mentally!
I evolved. I have matured. I do have self-control. I learned the importance of balance and now I’m listening to my body! I have completely fallen in love with the way I am now and will be forever grateful for this journey. Thank you @wbffentertainment for welcoming me into your world with open arms and providing a space for me too to be unapologetically present and a space I can use to navigate this personal journey! I feel at home! Fitness + fashion! ! ! !

UPDATE: In another tweet, Belair stated that she received a WBFF Pro Card for being #1 in Wellness and #2 in Fitness.

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