“Best stay in Barcelona”

Where will Frenkie de Jong play next season? A few days ago, the Catalan journalist Gerard Romero revealed that the Dutch midfielder was very close to his transfer to Manchester United by Barcelona, ​​in search of money and “fair play” to be able to register new players in preparation for the next season. If the English club’s interest is real, Frenkie de Jong is not too keen on the idea of ​​leaving Barcelona, ​​which he confirmed on Tuesday to the Dutch daily AD.

“If there was something concrete, I would have heard it from the management of FC Barcelona. If I had been called up by another team? I can’t say, but I’d rather stay in Barcelona.”The Dutch midfielder, unsurprised by the Manchester United rumour, replied: “It’s a link that makes sense, given my past with Eric Ten Hag. But that’s it: the link makes sense, and anyone can do it. If I had a connection with Ten Hag? I can’t talk about it.”

“Barcelona has always been my dream club”

Disappointed by his first three seasons with Barcelona – “I was fantasizing more” -, Frenkie de Jong says he has no regrets about choosing Barcelona three years ago: “We have to criticize our record. But it’s not like I regret my choice, definitely not. FC Barcelona has always been my dream club, since I was young. And it still is.”

While the 25-year-old’s intentions are clear, his future remains uncertain. Barcelona must certainly sell players so that it can expand certain elements and recruit others, which was also confirmed this morning by Javier Tebas, president of La Liga. Frenkie de Jong is one of Barcelona’s most bankable players and no one can guarantee yet that he will be there next season. In addition to MU, PSG is often cited in this file.

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