At the immediate appearance of the Bobigny court, “the Stade de France case is a miserable story of pickpocketing”

There are only six left. Among the hundreds of arrests announced after the chaos around the Stade de France, Saturday May 28, 48 police custody were counted on Monday morning. “hordes of thugs in the city” He indicated … these six men between the ages of 21 and 39, who are parading on Tuesday, May 31, are still in immediate appearance before the Bobigny Criminal Court, for the theft of phones, a watch or even a necklace that was snatched from the vicinity of the Stade de France. “All other police custody cases have been lifted.”says the prosecution.

Osama K. He is the first to be convicted during this afternoon’s heavy hearing. The yellow mask under his chin and his curly hair, tells this evening that he tried to enter the stadium, without a ticket, to attend the Champions League final. Once, twice, three times. without success. And he left after the match, on the crowded subway line 13 platforms, someone puts his hand in the pocket of an English fan. And he will be arrested a few seconds later, having thrown the Englishman’s phone to the ground.

Osama K.’s age. The 24-year-old lives between a tent under a bridge and a sub-rental room from time to time, when UberEats deliveries save him a few warm days. He is paperless, so that he can work, he again sublet to an account on the platform for €100 per month. “ Exceptional advantages for the emerging country », sneaks in from his attorney, Loïc Le Quellec. His client, who cannot read or write, recently exchanged his scooter for a bike and some cash. Every month he sends a hundred euros to his mother and his four brothers and sisters who remain in Algeria.

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A little over a year ago, Osama K. To France on a boat, because he loved Paris, imagine finding a job and his family eating only one meal a day in Algeria. The translator translates his invitation into Arabic: “Give me any punishment, but not imprisonment.” modify “from France”We won’t catch him doing that. His record was empty until then. “In any case, you will leave France because you must”ex-president of the court, uttered four letters recently added to his file by the prefecture: “OQTF”, to commit to leaving French territory.

A company with an “international dimension”

The prosecutor rises to discuss a “Disruption of public order beyond the scope of the hearing”The specific context and the The “international dimension” the case. She needs ten months in prison with an arrest warrant. The room is holding its breath. Ten months closed with immediate departure in prison for phone theft by the first offender, a stunned defense attorney. But since we have to talk about ” Context “Me Quellec need not be asked: “Can we, in this case, take into account in the context of the statements of the Ministry of the Interior: So it will be the fault of the English supporters first and then the fault of those? Perhaps the story can be a little more accurate?”

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