As ESPN analyst, Patrick Beverley talks Heat trade for Patrick Beverley

The Heat — always a whale hunter, with the pedigree and market for true star players — are associated with Wizards guard Bradley Beal and Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell.

And Patrick Beverley.

Lacking the talents of Beal and Mitchell, but with a knack for making waves as an ESPN analyst, the Timberwolves guard fanned the Beverley-to-Miami rumor:

Jay Williams:

What will happen to the Miami Heat? Can they get someone like Bradley Beal? Will they get someone like Donovan Mitchell to work with Jimmy Butler?


Will they trade Patrick Beverley?


Will they trade Patrick Beverley? I have no idea. I like what you just said.


Yes. Say it. Okay, let’s talk.


You said it for me, and I will keep saying it from now on.


This is not an NBA channel. It’s ESPN. We can say whatever we want.

You can bet that Beverley isn’t marketing himself to Bill and Mitchell’s level.Beverly confidence Can be very pleasant.

While players can still be fined for tampering with networks other than NBA TV, the opposite is true. This is a player (who is under contract for another season) pursuing another team.

Really, I wonder if this is another Scottie Pippen-Dan Majler situation. Is the Heat really interested in Beverley as reported, or did he spark the initial rumors?

If Beverley can find his way back to Miami, he’ll stay where he is.

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