Are empty wine bottles the new piggy bank?

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Can hoarding your cash in a wine bottle save you money?

key point

  • TikTok user Bianca Johnson hoards money in an empty Hennessy cognac bottle.
  • She broke the bottle and saved $542.
  • This is one of many creative ways you can save more money.

Saving money is often challenging because when you have something you want to spend now, it doesn’t seem fun to sacrifice for a later investment. But some TikTokers are shaking things up by showing creative ways to hoard cash.

Recently, a user named Bianca Johnson made a great video showing how she made a ton of money from an empty wine bottle.

Her video, Hennessy Money Challenge Bottle Bust, shared with over a million followers, is a great example of how the #moneychallenge hashtag on TikTok can encourage people to find creative ways to change their financial habits.

Does saving with an empty wine bottle motivate you to save more?

The #moneychallenge hashtag on TikTok is dedicated to showing off financial achievements, and Johnson’s video is a classic example of the entertaining and inspiring videos that can be found under it.

Johnson’s video shows her smashing Hennessy bottles filled with money she had accumulated over the years and sorting it into a pile before counting. After all, she ended up with $542. And, as she says in the video, “I could have bought some random stuff for $542.”

While the wine bottle may be little more than a different form of piggy bank, it has become a popular way for TikTokers to make saving more fun. In fact, another user @_rae.rae also made a fascinating video showing how she saves money on an empty wine bottle. In this video, @_rae.rae explains that she has committed to putting excess money and dorms into two empty wine bottles until they are completely full before opening them.

In her video, @_rae.rae says it has become a game for her, and she actually used an e-cigarette pen to make more room in her bottle. When she finally cracked them, she had about the same money as Johnson and ended up with $550.34.

Using wine bottles as a savings method is not only fun because you can eventually smash them. This can be a very effective way of motivating you to invest for the future, as it provides a way to visualize your progress and create clear goals: fill the bottle with cash. This is more inspiring than transferring money into an online savings account because you never see the fruits of your labor.

Saving bottles is just one of many ways to make financial goals more interesting

While keeping in a later smashed wine bottle makes for great content on TikTok, it’s just one of many ways to improve your financial habits.

Other options might include making paper chains or Lego towers to represent your savings efforts – for example, adding a new Lego brick to your tower every time you put another $10 or $50 or $100 into your savings account, Or tear off a new link every time you pay off another $100 in debt, a paper chain.

What all of these different approaches have in common is that they free you from making smart financial choices and give you a practical way to make sure your efforts are paying off. If saving money in a wine bottle doesn’t sound like fun to you, consider finding a similar method that works for you.

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