Angels-Mariners brawl results in 12 MLB comments

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A brawl between the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners on Sunday afternoon resulted in a long list of suspensions being delivered Monday night.

MLB suspended 12 players, managers, and coaches in a total of 47 games. The biggest clash of the season began early in the second half in Anaheim, California, after Angels bowler Andrew Wantz hit Mariners left-footed Jesse Winker with a pitch.

When Winker approached the Angels’ lair, the seats were cleaned as the fight erupted for four minutes and the match was delayed by about 18 minutes.

Angels interim manager Phil Nevin received the longest suspension in 10 matches after throwing Wantz at Winker, an incident that followed earlier warnings.

The drama began on Saturday, when Mariners player Eric Swanson nearly hit Los Angeles star Mike Trout in the head with a pitch in the ninth inning.

“If you’re going to hit me, hit me in the ribs,” Trott said after his team’s 5-3 loss on Saturday. “Don’t hit me on the head. I don’t know if that was the intent, but…anything in the head, you don’t.”

In the first half on Sunday, Wentz threw an inside shot at Mariners quarterback Julio Rodriguez. Wentz, who is usually loyal, started his first career on Sunday in place of Jose Suarez’s scheduled start.

Speaking to reporters before his team host the Chicago White Sox on Monday, Nevin denied using Wantz as a starter just to throw the Mariners.

“It’s not realistic,” Nevin said. “But I don’t want to get into a war of words with that. What happened has happened. Yesterday is over and done. We are focused on the White Sox today.”

Winker, who was hit in the right hip with a 91-mph fastball, received a seven-game suspension after he approached the Angels’ lair despite attempts to restrain him by two referees. Some of the Angels players put up Winker at the top of the bunker when the Mariners stormed off the bench.

Seattle shortstop JB Crawford received a five-game suspension, and Rodriguez was suspended for two games. All three Mariners players will resume.

Third Angels Anthony Rendon and assistant shooting coach Dom Chetty each received five matches for their actions.

A former Washington Nationals star known for his calm demeanor, Rendon lays in disguise at the top of the dugout and places his left hand in Denier’s face. Rendon suffered a right wrist injury at the end of the season earlier this month and wore a splint on that wrist during the fight. He must serve his suspension after returning from the injured list but will be barred from sitting on the Angels bench for the next seven matches.

Winker, who denied intentionally hitting Winker, and Angels bowler Ryan Tebera received three suspended matches. Los Angeles player Raziel Iglesias, bench coach Ray Montgomery and artist Mane del Campo were suspended from two games. Tibera and Iglesias were the only angels who appealed.

After learning he was one of eight players or coaches dismissed on Sunday, Iglesias threw a can of sunflower seeds onto the field. After returning to the lair, he tossed a tub of gum as well.

Coach Bill Haselman also received a one-game suspension.

After the quarrel, he flashed and denied his middle fingers on the stands as he walked to the Seattle hideout. The Angels won 2-1, scoring both in the seventh inning.

In support of Winker, a Mariners fan ordered a pepperoni pizza that was delivered to the left-footed player at the visitors club on Sunday.

“The only thing I will apologize for is the fans’ heart,” he denies He said after Sunday’s game. “That is. As fans, they spend their hard-earned money watching us play a match, and they don’t deserve it. So I apologize to the fans, especially the women and children.”

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