Amber Heard interview: Actor tells Savannah Guthrie on Today show she and Johnny Depp may be seen as ‘Hollywood kids’ at trial

Amber Heard admits she and Depp may look like ‘Hollywood kids’

Amber Heard gives her first interview since losing a multi-million dollar defamation battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

After sitting down with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie last week, the clip is already in today The show is scheduled for a full interview on June 17 at 8pm EST.

Hurd said she will stand by her testimony at the trial “until the day I die,” but as the trial unfolds on social media, she believes even well-meaning jurors will find it unavoidable.

Describing the trial as “humiliating” and feeling “unhuman”, Hurd admitted she had no confidence before the sentencing but insisted she “speaked the truth to power” and paid the price. She admitted that she and Depp looked like spoiled “Hollywood brats” to the average person, but insisted her case was about free speech.

Guthrie questioned Hurd about her behavior in the relationship, admitting she’d done and said “terrible, regrettable things” but said she “always tells the truth.”

Depp is suing Hurd for $50 million for suggesting he abused her in a Washington Post op-ed. She filed a $100 million countersuit, accusing him of a “defamation campaign” against her.


WATCH: Heard she and Depp might look like ‘Hollywood kids’

Amber Heard admits she and Depp may look like ‘Hollywood kids’

Oliver O’ConnellJune 15, 2022 11:00


Hear ‘less than human’ in trial over ‘ugly’ relationship

“I passed three, four, sometimes six blocks a day with people in city blocks holding signs ‘Burn the witch’, ‘Death to Amber’. Three and a half weeks later, I was standing in the stands, just watching To a courtroom was packed with fans of Captain Jack Sparrow, who were loud and full of energy,” Ms Heard said.

“Can you put into words what that feels like?” Ms. Guthrie asked.

“It was the most humiliating and scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never felt more alienated from my humanity,” Ms Heard said. “I feel inferior to humans.”

Oliver O’ConnellJune 15, 2022 09:00


WATCH: Heard about having Edward Scissorhands dig in post-trial interview

Amber Heard lets Edward Scissorhands dig in post-trial interview

Oliver O’Connell15 June 2022 08:00


What do attorneys think about Amber Heard’s appeal options?

Following Johnny Depp’s sweeping victory in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, her lawyer Elaine Breidhooft has announced her client “absolutely” intends to appeal.

A jury of five men and two women announced on Wednesday (June 1) that it had found that Ms Heard had defamed Mr Depp in three statements. Jurors also found that Ms Heard was defamed for one of three statements in the counterclaim.

independent Discussed possible grounds for Ms Heard’s appeal and even a new trial with three lawyers: Lisa Bloom of The Bloom Firm, whose clients include Janice Dickinson, Mischa Barton and several of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims; Jesse Weber, legal and criminal network’s host and attorney, who covered the trial in a courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia; Mitra Ahouraian, a Beverly Hills-based entertainment attorney representing actors, directors, producers and musicians.

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WATCH: Heard grilled for ‘mocking’ Depp

Savannah Guthrie ‘mocking’ Johnny Depp over Amber Heard BBQ via audio

Oliver O’Connell15 June 2022 06:00


Every Item Depp-Hurd Jurors Considered

As a public figure, Johnny Depp faces a high bar to win a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. According to the unanimous opinion of seven jurors, he cleared it.

Depp said his ex-wife slandered him in a 2018 newspaper column that referred to allegations of abuse against Depp. His name was never mentioned.

A Virginia civil jury on Wednesday ruled in Depp’s favor on all three charges, finding that Hurd not only made false and defamatory statements, but she did so with “true malice” — for That’s a higher bar for cases involving public figures. The jury concluded that Depp deserved more than $10 million.

However, Depp’s victory is not absolute. The jury also concluded that part of Hurd’s counterclaim was justified. They dismissed two of Heard’s three charges but found she was defamed by a Depp lawyer who accused her of roughing up their apartment and making the police look worse. The jury awarded her $2 million.

Take a look at each count juror considers:

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Off-field Captain Jack Sparrow fans make Hurd feel ‘not human’

The court proceedings were televised live during the six-week legal battle, and the trial drew a large crowd of in-person admirers, many of whom stood outside the courtroom to express their support for Depp.

Oliver O’Connell15 June 2022 04:00


Savannah Guthrie Grill heard audio played during trial ‘mocking’ Johnny Depp

Ms Guthrie’s husband, who served as a consultant to Mr Depp’s legal team, asked about the recording Ms Heard played to the jury, where she was heard “taunting” her then-husband was a “victim of domestic violence” .

Oliver O’Connell15 June 2022 03:00


What does Savannah Guthrie have to do with Johnny Depp?

Hollywood actress Amber Heard gives her first interview since a Virginia jury convicted her of defaming ex-husband Johnny Depp Savannah Guthrie sat down to reflect on her story.

The network plans to air excerpts from its blockbuster interview in an hour-long installment on June 14-15 Date line June 17th special.

Surprisingly not Neptune The star recounted her experience, but the broadcaster she chose to confide in happened to have a well-known connection to her ex-husband.

Oliver O’Connell15 June 2022 02:00


Hurd insists ‘I’m telling the truth to power’ in first post-trial interview

In a recent exclusive interview with NBC, Amber Heard insisted she was “factual” about power in her high-profile defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Today Show.

“The First Amendment protects speech . Speaking to the actor in an interview. The jury also found that Ms Heard partially prevailed in a counterclaim decided earlier this month.

Oliver O’Connell15 June 2022 01:00

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