Almost Home Humane Society to be demolished | News

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — An animal shelter will be demolished as the city sets its sights on a new facility in Tippecanoe County.

The Almost Home Humane Society has sheltered stray cats, dogs and other animals rescued in Lafayette for many years. But the city will soon demolish the building, leaving the future of “almost home” up in the air.

“That building has served its useful life,” said Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswowski.

As News18 previously reported, Lafayette, West Lafayette and Tippecano counties are investing in a new Southside shelter and nonprofit called the Greater Lafayette Humane Society.

“It’s a challenge, they’ll tell you, take all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, and more,” Roswowski said. “We’re going to do all of that in this new place.”

The future of almost home is unclear, but the community is in great need.

“We all have room when it comes to animals and adopting animals and making sure we can be seen as a no-kill sanctuary, and we’re doing all the right things,” Roswowski said. “All groups continue to provide vital services to the community, with no shortage of needs and no shortage of opportunities.”

The hilly terrain surrounding the almost home site made it unattractive for development. Roswarski plans to use the land to store city equipment, as it is out of sight.

“A lot of places cannot be developed because of the hillsides and the drainage system,” he said. “I think that’s probably the best use for us to make sure we have enough storage space for things.”

The new Greater Lafayette Humane Society will be located at the former site of the Purdue University Extension office, 3150 Sagamore Parkway S.

Almost Home could continue to operate in different locations, Roswarski said. News 18 reached out to Almost Home for comment but did not hear back.


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