A Few Points and Things to Know About Giannis Disney’s ‘Rise’

The almost unfathomable true story of Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo got the Disney treatment in Friday’s release of “Rising,” an compilation of his journey as the child of undocumented Nigerian immigrants in Greece. Years of history, famous for basketball.

This family-friendly film follows young Giannis and brother Thanasis as they try to make ends meet for their family as they discover the sport, the obstacles along the way, and the events that led Giannis to the 2013 NBA Draft.

Nine years ago today (June 27, 2013), the Bucks gambled on this raw and mysterious prospect with the 15th overall pick, a decision that would change the team and lead to a 2021 NBA championship.

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Some of the details are a little odd, but since Janis is one of the film’s executive producers, we can at least expect the essence of the story to be rooted in accuracy. Here are some key points.

Maybe we underestimated the miserable lives of Giannis’ parents

Top row, from left, brothers Giannis, Alex, Kostas and Thanasis Antetokounmpo with their actors "rise".

The film opens with a dramatic sequence in which Adetokunbo’s parents, Charles and Veronica, escape deportation in Turkey and manage to cross the border into Greece (their names are later changed to a different spelling as part of the citizenship process).

When Veronica and Janis gave birth together, she took a city bus to the hospital and had to sidestep questions about her residency. Veronica also explained to a Greek official the Catch-22 her family faced; they couldn’t get legal residency without legal jobs, but no one would hire them for legal jobs without residency.

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