8 Believable ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theories From Season 4 Part 2

Even though we only have seven episodes on Netflix, season four of Stranger Things is the standout of the series.

Fans feel that some of the pressing questions we’ve had over the years are finally being answered, as all the stories of the past few seasons have formed a large and complex myth.

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However, more questions follow as the story continues, and fans haven’t gotten the full season to unravel all the information they have.

The final installment of the hit show hits Netflix on July 1 with two episodes. The eighth episode will be an hour long, while the ninth episode will be 2 hours and 30 minutes long.

That means there’s still a lot that could happen and what fans think they might know.

Here are 8 theories fans have come up with for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2.

1. Eddie Munson will save Nancy from Upside Down.

Someone on Reddit pointed out how, in the original trailer for Season 4 of Stranger Things, Eddie played guitar and set up a bunch of speakers on top of his trailer in Upside Down.

“It appears he has a bunch of amps set up, so he wants this music to be very loud,” they wrote.


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