5 Fat-Burning Exercises You Can Do in Just 30 Minutes

Losing weight can be a long process grueling process, but many people may not realize, they don’t have to burn out for hours on end to get results.

Calories can be burned in 30 minutes, and with enough consistency, that’s probably all you need when it comes to exercise.

In addition to a good diet, most cardiovascular exercise is enough to start losing belly fat, the Mirror says.

These exercises don’t even have to be intense, and walking is a proven calorie burner.

It’s important to exercise regularly, four to five days a week, so being able to mix your workouts with long walks may be just what some people need to be consistent.

Exercises that burn the most calories in 30 minutes include:

  • Running (10 mph) – 733 calories

  • Elliptical – 466 calories

  • Exercise bike – 444 calories

  • Cardio – 422 calories

  • Walking – 200 calories


Running burns calories quickly.

“First, slow, low-intensity running, usually lasting longer than 30 minutes, may send your body into burning fat stores for fuel rather than carbohydrates,” says Runners World.

“Running fills your body with adrenaline, which stimulates cells to release fat, and running breaks down fat.”

“That means you’ll burn fat fast within the first month and a half.”


Burning 200 calories in a 30-minute walk may not burn as much as other exercises, but experts generally highly recommend this low impact.

Walking can help prevent some of the muscle loss that can occur when cutting calories to lose weight.

This helps minimize the drop in metabolic rate that occurs when you lose weight, making it easier to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is a very accessible form of exercise

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that fast walkers have a lower risk of heart disease compared to runners.

They came to this conclusion by comparing data from two studies of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers.

Scientists have found that walkers experience significantly more cardiac benefits than runners for the same amount of energy expended.

Runners had a 4.5 percent lower risk of heart disease, while walkers had a 9.3 percent lower risk.

Harvard Health also found that cycling can not only reduce fat.

The researchers found that a 155-pound person could burn about 260 calories every 30 minutes at a moderate pace, or as much as 298 calories every 30 minutes at a moderate pace.

Not only that, but cycling has been found to have many health benefits, including better overall health, lower blood sugar, and a lower risk of heart disease.

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