2022 NBA Mock Draft: Round 2 Predictions and Latest News | Stand Report

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31. Indiana Pacers (via Rockets): Bryce McGowens (Nebraska, SG, freshman)

32. Orlando Magic: Andrew Nembhard (Gonzaga, PG, senior)

33. Toronto Raptors (via Pistons): Trevor Keels (Duke University, SG/SF, Freshman)

34. Oklahoma City Thunder: Christian Braun (KS, SG/SF, Junior)

35. Orlando Magic (via Pacers): Patrick Baldwin Jr. (Milwaukee, PF, freshman)

36. Portland Trail Blazers: Christian Koloko (Arizona, C, Junior)

37. Sacramento Kings: Kendall Brown (Baylor, San Francisco, freshman)

38. San Antonio Spurs (via Lakers): Trevion Williams (Purdue, PF/C, senior)

39. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Spurs): Max Christie (Michigan, SG/SF, freshman)

40. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Wizards): Ryan Rollins (Toledo, PG/SG, Sophomore)

41. New Orleans Pelicans: Jaylin Williams (Arkansas, PF, sophomore)

42. New York Knicks: Justin Lewis (Marquette, SF, redshirt freshman)

43. Los Angeles Clippers: Jean Montero (Overtime Elite, PG, 2003)

44. Atlanta Hawks: Josh Minot (Memphis, SF/PF, freshman)

45. Charlotte Hornets: John Butler (Florida State power forward, freshman)

Braun, Nebhard in first mix

Braun appeared to be on the first-round fence. Scouts see pros, even if there is no clear path to the upside. In the ’20s, it will come down to whether a team is willing to decide to add a rotation player instead of adding a bigger player.

He helped himself in the combo, where he continued to strengthen himself as a wing player who could play for his teammates on ball screens. If he lands on a playoff team rather than a rebuilding team like the Oklahoma City Thunder, it will be interesting to see how the first few years of his career develop.

There’s plenty of evidence that teams put stock into joint scrims. Nembhard’s 26-point, 11-assist performance in Chicago caught everyone’s attention because of the freedom he had compared to the facilitator role he played in Gonzaga. He made a splash in his 20s as an option. Playoff teams can see an NBA-ready bench they can trust to run the offense, make the right decisions and shoot enough open shots.

player slips

The prospect of going up means everyone else has to go down. Brown, Baldwin and Montero sound like the most vulnerable players projected to be drafted in the first round.

Brown’s lack of offense became more of a concern as the season went on, and his defense didn’t seem to make up for his lack of creativity and poor shooting. His pace and speed test results in Chicago were impressive.

Baldwin has scouts nervous about his wildly inefficient season, historically low vertical numbers and seemingly random approach.

Feedback to Montero was mostly about scouts wanting to see more and hear more positives from overtime staff.

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